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Which Earrings Best For Me?

How To Select Now

The extremely handmade jewelry styles for everyone to wear all occasions

Why need to select ? Because of not all styles of earrings are created for all face shapes to wear looking the best. Always the reasons that are used to select the earrings are looking beautiful after wearing. If you need to save time to select styles of earrings, Here is a tip to help you. First, you need to know your face shapes.

Oval Face Shape

If you face have forehead is slightly wider than chin and also have well rounded jawline to chin. it looks like an egg. You are the luckiest if you have oval face shape. It is so wonderful face that can wear all styles of earrings. It is so amazing face shape.

Round Face Shape

The round face is the widest at the cheekbone, the same length of all sides fro the nose, and also round chin line. If you have round face shape, you need to wear the earrings making the face slimmer. Not only drop or dangle earrings but also chandelier earrings are suit for round face shape. The round earrings need to avoid wearing because they make you face look rounder .

Square Face Shape

The square face shape is similar width of forehead and jawline, square or flat chin, and straight forehead. Advise to wear drop earring, medium or longer earrings, round earrings, and hoop earrings. They are also help balance out the angles on the face to look wonderful. You need to stay away from square stud earrings or square shape earrings that make your face more width.

Heart Face Shape

The heart face shape is wide forehead, narrow jawline, long pointed chin, and jawline narrow down to chin. The earrings that work well and make balance sharp chin are round bottom dangle earrings, Teardrop earrings, and chandelier. They work well for heart face. But slim drop earrings that make your chin look longer, you need to avoid wearing them.

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond face shape is narrow forehead & chin and wide cheekbone. The earrings suit with your face such as all types of stud earrings and dangle earrings with length above the chin. They work wonderful with your face. Avoid wearing wide or button earrings that make your face look wider.

Narrow And Long Face Shape

Narrow and long face shape is narrow and slender as the advise name. You need to focus on the width of your face when you select earrings. So stud earrings, short dangle earrings, cluster earrings, and medium or large hoops will work well with your face. Always thinking round earrings help your face look wider and rounder. The slim and extra long earrings you need to avoid wearing since they make your face look too narrow.

Not all 6 face shapes tip that I recommend to select the earrings. You need to know more things about selecting earrings such as bone structure of your face and your style. I might advise you later. The most important things is you need to wear earrings that suit your face.

I hope this post might be helpful for you. Thank you for reading. I love to hear the comment this post from you. Take care.